The Keys to First Aid: Knowledge and Experience

First Aid Lesson

Knowing how to do first aid may mean the life and death of a person in danger. The longer it takes for a person to receive immediate care, the more perilous it is for their life. This is why it is important for anyone to know at least the basics of providing first aid care. It is a useful skill that can help save lives no matter what the situation is.

Getting first aid training in Perth, WA is not as easy as it seems. Rightfully, it should not be. You are dealing with a potential life threatening situation. This means you have to be extra careful when applying this skill. Here are some things you should always know.

Experience is better

Downloading applications that can give you knowledge is fine. They do not, however, give you the experience firsthand training provides. You may stock up on reading knowledge, but proper application is the key to saving a life. What most reading materials may forget to tell you are the tiny details involved in each procedure. These applications are still good references though whenever you are reviewing your skills in your downtime. Continue reading up while also training yourself to gain the necessary qualities to provide help. These are calmness in the face of panic, resourcefulness and better communication.

Differences in treatment

Not all situations require the same response. Some accidents may require quicker responses while others are more delicate. Applying the wrong treatment to a person in need can aggravate the situation. It is important to have the skill first in spotting or assessing the victim’s condition. Communicate well with the victim and listen to their complaints. This can give you a clue on what type of treatment they need first before professional help arrives.

Knowing these things can help you be a better help in emergencies rather than feeling helpless.

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