How Do You Survive a Long-haul Flight?

Surviving Long Haul Flight

If you’ve been on a flight for six hours long, you will know what it feels like to sit for that long while hearing kids cry and the droning of the engine. You may not have enough energy to get through the day once the plane lands. Thankfully, travel bloggers have shared some helpful air travel tips for long flights to survive the ordeal.

Food Matters

A study revealed that foods rich in carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, oatmeal and spaghetti make it easier for you to deal with jetlag. These food types induce the secretion of insulin, which makes it easier for you to change your regular eating and sleeping schedule. Pack or order carb-rich food to alleviate jetlag.

Avoid Carrying On Too Many Things

Many agree that checking in baggage is expensive, which means some passengers tend to carry more items. This might be OK for short flights but may cause fatigue for longer ones. Anything you put under or on your seat takes up space and legroom for resting and sleeping. Have enough room to move around for sleeping so that you feel refreshed once you get to your destination.

Get Enough Rest Before Boarding

It is important to get enough sleep before boarding a long-haul flight; this keeps you refreshed the entire time.

Drink Enough

There is no definite amount of water to drink for long haul flights, but many bloggers agree that you must drink more than you normally do because air travel is dehydrating. Continue to drink throughout the trip, avoid waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking water.

These are only some of the practices that you can try to survive a long haul flight. Doing so refreshes and rejuvenates you when arriving at your destination, ready to work or enjoy the holiday.

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