5 Ways to Step Up Your Game & Attract Hotel Guests with Affordable Luxury

Picture of family checking in hotel

In the recent years, more people are being bitten by the travel bug. This increases the competition among hotels. Even budget travelers are now being very picky. If you want to remain at the same price point yet still be the top choice of customers, you may want to explore the idea of affordable luxury.

1. Security

Travelers know that those located in places where the action usually happens would have steep prices. However, they don’t want to risk booking in hotels in shady areas. If your hotel is located in a less known area, provide security features to assure guests that they will be safe.

2. Cleanliness

Even if your hotel rooms and common areas only have basic features and amenities, keeping them clean and well-maintained would make a huge difference. Maintain a cleanliness standard and have someone to check these spaces every single day.

3. Fast Internet

Some of these budget travelers are usually remote workers who need to stay connected at certain times of the day. The number one thing they would look for is a fast Internet connection. Upgrade your Internet and attract nomadic guests on a long-term stay basis.

4. Good Night Sleep

Nowadays, hotels and other accommodations use a good night’s sleep as a marketing strategy. Like what Robert Purdy, a hotel manager, says to The Huffington Post, their very business is sleep.

You may not be ready to purchase advanced technologies, but perhaps you can equip your rooms with queen-sized bamboo sheets for a better and more comfortable sleeping experience.

5. Food

You don’t have to set up a buffet breakfast, but guests never forget a great meal. You can have a limited menu and still make a good impression. Offer something that your guests will remember, and they would definitely go back for it.

With travelers being presented with more lodging options, you need to step up your game. Affordable luxury could be a concept that you can apply when you start improving your service.