Use Video Now to Enter a World of Marketing Possibilities

More than ever before, video has become a highly effective tool for marketers and businesses, so much so that if you still aren’t thinking about working with video production companies here in Denver, you have to start considering it now.

You can immensely boost your company’s marketing prowess with video alone. This strong boost stems from video’s storytelling capability, versatility, and visual appeal. What do you have to lose?

Video Will Encompass the Internet

Statistics show how powerful video has become as a marketing tool. Experts predict that by 2020, video will have taken up more than 85 percent of consumer internet traffic in the United States. As of now, some 78 percent and 55 percent of consumers watch online videos weekly and daily, respectively.

Consumers Want Video

Granted people watch videos for entertainment, yet half of consumers also want videos on products and service they are interested in. In fact, they look for product or service videos before even visiting company websites.

Once they have watched the videos they want to see, they retain about 95 percent of the video message.

Start Simple: Live Video

With this, your company can miss out if you don’t invest in video marketing. To start then, you can do something simple first such as a live video. Video production companies here in Denver can capture a product launch, for example, and stream it live on your company website.

You can then advertise the live video on YouTube and Facebook.

Produce More Content: Personalized Video

Once you have done the live video, or if you lack an event to live stream, you can create simple video productions as content for your website blog, YouTube channel, or Facebook page. These productions can be animations that explain a product or service, or any other content you can think of.

As long as you personalize video, you can easily grab the attention of online consumers.

Video experts can further guide you in using video as a marketing tool. Be brave in investing in video production, and you will be well-compensated in quantifiable returns.