Creating Impressive but Inexpensive Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Lamp as the wedding centerpiece

Table centerpieces have always been an important element in a wedding reception. They reflect the theme and serve as picture-worthy table accents. Venue designers and florists usually provide these centerpieces, but for many hands-on DIY brides, these reception decor items provide a great opportunity to express their creativity and save money.

Many barn weddings in Minnesota feature handmade elements and decor, such as wooden signs, paper flower bouquets, centerpieces that fit perfectly with a rustic or country theme. Making DIY table centerpieces is also a fun bonding activity for a bride and her entourage. Getting crafty with your decor is a great way to add a warm, personal touch to your wedding, something your guests will surely notice.

Here are some tips on creating unique but inexpensive centerpieces that are sure to impress:

Use less expensive materials

Making table centerpieces starts with your theme and looking for design pegs that would be a perfect fit. You can browse through wedding magazines, DIY websites, and craft blogs for inspiration. Once you have your design pegs, you can think of ways to achieve the same effect using low-cost materials, such as recycled paper and wine bottles. You can also turn these items into wedding giveaways.

Consider making dual-purpose centerpieces

You can also display bowls of fruits in season or small potted flowering plants and succulents. Don’t forget to put a small sign that says guests are welcome to take them home!

Check out thrift shops for unique finds

If you want to come up with one-of-a-kind centerpieces for your wedding, another great idea is to visit thrift shops. For a country-themed rustic wedding, you can mix and match wooden boxes, old picture frames, colored bottles, lace, hardbound books, wicker baskets, and decorative plates to create a unique centerpiece for each table.

Have fun creating your wedding centerpieces. Follow these suggestions to make sure everyone is happy at your wedding reception venue.