The Importance of Recycling Used Motor Oil

Cars parked in a lot

Transportation remains a very crucial component of the modern world, but it comes with a price. The world’s unquenchable thirst for movement hurts the environment. You can help decrease this negative impact in simple yet effective ways. One of them is appropriately disposing and recycling used motor oil.

Car Maintenance

For any motorised vehicles to work, the motor oil and fluids must be changed regularly. Whether based on the actual usage or as suggested by the car manufacturer, it is the car owner’s responsibility to keep it in its running condition at all times. Regular maintenance helps the transmission and entire engine to run to well.


In many countries across the world, local governments and auto repair shops have regulations about the systematic ways of recycling used motor oils. From these car shops, used motor oils are brought to local certified recycling facilities. But not all have access to car shops. For DIY oil changers, they can still help the environment by handling used motor oil properly.

Used motor oil is considered hazardous as it contains different additives and synthetic contaminants that help make your car run better. Make sure you handle it with care. Place it inside a safe container, and then bring it to a nearby car shop or recycling facility for recycling.

Conserve the Environment

When motor oil is used, it is contaminated with dirt, chemical and other synthetic materials inside your car. If spilt on the ground, it can reach water supplies and wells which can pollute and affect aquatic life and water supplies.

Also, recycled motor oil contributes greatly as an alternative source of energy as it is reprocessed into fuel that is used to fire turbines and power plants that creates electricity. With this process, the need to produce fuel is lessened.

When oil is recycled, you help in preventing used motor oil from contributing to the destruction of the environment. Send it to the proper recycling facilities, and you help conserve the natural resources which are used to power the world.