3 Clever Ways to Save Money on Food

Food is a basic need, so it naturally occupies a big chunk of the household budget. The good news though is there are lots of ways to slice up this chunk and get as much money savings. Consider some of the following tips to make saving money on food a piece of cake:

Grow Your Own

Skip the veggies and fruits in the supermarkets and instead get from your own “market.” A mini farm or garden in your backyard lets you have food on your table all year round, and you won’t even be affected by price hikes during changes in seasons. Consider getting residential greenhouse kits from companies like Growing Spaces, so you can easily set up your garden soon.

Growing your own food also has huge benefits for the children. They’ll be able to appreciate better the food served for them, having to witness how it’s prepared from farm to table. So, no skipping of carrots and broccoli for them.

Shop Smart

Most people spend more on food because they don’t know how to do groceries right. The right way starts with a grocery list. Write the items you need before hitting up the supermarket. This will not just prevent impulse buys, but also make sure that you don’t forget anything, which would save you from repeat trips to the store. Another way to shop smart is to choose generics instead of the branded ones. This will work for basic items like flour, salt, and sugar.

Prepare Food Right

Contrary to what most people think, it’s best to cook more than the family would consume. This will not just save time, but also money on cooking from scratch and using electricity again. Keep leftovers in the freezer, then just re-heat. Or, you could also re-purpose these dishes, turning them into another yummy meal.
Food is an essential, but it doesn’t have to break the bank to be filled. Keep your food costs at a minimum with these tips.