A Walk-In Tub: The Ultimate Must-Have for Disabled People


There is one item that no disabled person should ever do without and that is a walk-in tub. This device makes bathing safer, prevent accidents, and have some surprising features that add a touch of luxury. When looking for mobility devices to make life easier, an accessible tub is one item that shouldn’t be missed off the list. Not only does it help people maintain their personal independence; it also allows them to pamper themselves.

The safety features of bathtubs for elderly or handicapped people include:

  • Side-opening door or drop-panel for easier access. This means the user won’t need to step over the side of the bathtub. Wheelchair users can transfer simply from chair to tub without needing assistance.
  • Grab handles to use when standing up to exit the tub.
  • Integral stay-dry surfaces that prevent slipping.
    The door will remain locked until the tub has completely drained to prevent leakage and accidents.
  • Anti-burn mechanism
    – the faucets are set to a safe temperature, ensuring lovely warm water without the risk of burns.

Special Features of Accessible Tubs Consumers who want to add some luxury to their bathing experience can get an accessible tub with the following extras:

  • Color Therapy Mode
    – for subdued lighting, so the user can have a ‘candlelit’ bath
  • Aromatherapy Mode
    – aromatic scents for a relaxing soak
  • Jacuzzi Mode
    – warm, bubbling water mode for a “Jacuzzi-effect”; great for conditions like arthritis to soothe painful joints. Regular warm bathing will also improve the overall flexibility to enhance balance and prevent accidents.

Walk-in tubs make bathing more pleasurable for people with disabilities, helping them maintain their privacy and safety. Additional features improve the experience and satisfaction. Get one for your loved ones today.