Improving Safety and Security at Your Commercial Property

metal fence

Safety and security of a company’s commercial building is a vital part of business strategy. As an owner, you are legally obliged to ensure the safety of your customers and employees; financially, you want to avoid costly compensation claims and morally, you want to make sure your staff and clients feel comfortable in the office environment. Here are a few basic measures to consider when improving your company’s strategy for safety and security:

Strengthen entry points

An effective policy and procedures to minimise the risk of theft need to be practical and targeted. In 2017, approximately 185,038 people were victims of theft in the retail sector in Australia; this included the unauthorised use or the taking of services and goods from occupants, premises and vehicles.

Identify the possible avenues that intruders might use to enter the building or car park. For improved security, consider reinforced glass windows and solid doors. Sturdy door locks from suppliers provide a robust defence against intruders when the premises are empty.

Maintain essential safety measures

After the building’s construction, its owner is often responsible for maintenance and upkeep, particularly for building safety and emergency facilities. Essential safety measures include fire alarm, extinguisher, emergency lighting and evacuation systems. They should at least meet minimum government safety levels in case of fires or other emergencies.

Maintain good housekeeping

Buildings with poor housekeeping are more prone to the threat of fire. A stray spark from an electrical fault, or a flame from cooking equipment can ignite combustible materials such as dust, waste paper or general rubbish that is not cleared away. The problem is easily solved with the hire of janitorial services and clear housekeeping responsibilities.

A safe and secure commercial building contributes to the success of any business. Conducting measures such as good housekeeping, strengthening entry points and maintaining basic safety measures can save you from the unnecessary costs and complies with government regulations.