How Much Should You Pay for Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Lawyer writing beside a gavel

Plaintiffs of wrongful death lawsuits should know that most lawyers charge a contingency fee for handling such cases, and the amount usually ranges between 10% and 50% of the awarded damages.

Predetermined Charges

The existing and future circumstances surrounding your case will serve as your lawyer’s guide in charging their fees. If you win a case from an out-of-court settlement, your lawyer may charge 15% of the wrongful death compensation. Cases that are taken to court and subsequently appealed would likely prompt your lawyer to take 45% of the awarded damages.

The usual percentage is 30%, but this figure could easily change since wrongful death cases are time-consuming and complicated. The chances of success for your case will also be a factor. Some lawyers may not be willing to accept your case if it has a slim chance of winning, so choose those who are not just after the money.

State Laws

If you live in California, a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles or San Francisco may follow a contingency fee arrangement for your case. Take note that unsuccessful case won’t require you to pay legal fees, although you may still spend money on other expenses for bringing your case to court.

In terms of qualified damages in the state, plaintiffs may seek compensation for healthcare bills for the person’s injury or disease that caused their death. Other factors would include funeral and burial expenses, and potential income if the person didn’t pass away. California only allows residents to file for wrongful death claims within two years after the individual’s death, which provide family members with enough time to build their case and find a competent lawyer.


When choosing a legal representation for a wrongful death lawsuit, it’s essential to find the best lawyer who could provide personalized services. How much are you willing to pay your attorney?