Most Common House Sewage System Problems

Common sewage problems at home

Plumbing issues are quite common for most homeowners. Fix your house sewage system problems. They usually come in various forms and sizes, from dripping faucets all the way to major pipe leaks that can damage the walls and even your other personal property. Hence, before you call in a plumber to fix your sewage system problems, here are a few of the most common home sewage issues that you need to know so that you can prevent or resolve them easily.

Too much water in the tank

Excess water in the tank means that the solid waste will not be able to break down properly. This can be a problem once the water level in the tank rises too high that the solid waste is directed out of the tank and into the distribution tubes that are only designed to handle liquids. You should minimise the amount of water that goes to the septic system by doing your laundry every weekend instead of every day.

Old pipes

Another issue that might cause problems with your sewage system is your old pipes. An old sewage system is usually made of iron that is very much prone to wear and tear, leading to possible leaks. You need to have your sewage system checked and your old pipes replaced with new ones.

Flushing down non-biodegradable items

Non-biodegradable items will not break down naturally. These items can block your drainage and damage your pipes. As a result, you will have more serious problems with your sewage and plumbing systems. Keep your kitchen waste out of your sewage system so that it will not clog the pipes.

These are just a few drainage issues that you should watch out for and resolve. If you are planning to redo the entire sewage system, you might want to switch to an eco-sustainable sewage system that uses less energy and requires minimal maintenance.