Bath, UK: Travelling on a Budget

Bath, London at night

If you’re aching for an entire weekend’s worth of relaxation, there’s no better place to escape to than the relaxing city of Bath. Spend a well-deserved getaway basking in the city’s rolling hills, Georgian bathhouses and more. Saving up for a trip is not the easiest thing to do, so here are some tips for experiencing the best of Bath on a budget:


Bath offers several accommodation options for every traveller. However, when you’re in a city with many places to visit and things to do, it’s better to capitalise on the experience than to go all out on a 5-star hotel suite. Even the most affordable of city-centre hotels can offer premium hospitality and a comfortable stay.


The city of Bath is as picturesque. The most common (and touristy) way to relish its old charm is by riding an open-top tour bus, which doesn’t come cheap. The great thing about Bath is that many of its attractions are near each other, and you can stumble upon several places of interest by foot. Get yourself a handy travel guide or map, or feel free to ask locals for some recommendations. You can have a remarkable sightseeing escapade.


Guided tours are abundant in Bath, and you might even find yourself in one during a casual stroll. On top of visiting top museums that require much money, you can also choose to see Bath through the eyes of a local on an inexpensive walking tour. You can hit several birds in one stone with this option.

With plenty of gardens, museums and Georgian architecture, Bath is indeed a beautiful city. Now, you can collect experiences and make the most out of your stay without burning a hole in your pocket.