Fighting Hair Loss: 4 Steps You Can Dot to Prevent It

hair loss

It can be a real struggle to maintain a healthy and shiny hair for years. The mere thought of hair fall can be terrifying which is why people are constantly obsessed to look for ways on how they could prevent experiencing hair loss. Luckily, NuHart Clinic is kind enough to share some tips and tricks to help you deal with this matter.

Visit Your Doctor

As soon as you notice signs of hair loss, it’s important that you consult a hair doctor immediately. By doing so, you could avoid the condition from getting serious. Go for hair specialists who build up their name in the industry. Clinics like that of NuHart Philippines offers the best and most effective hair restoration services, so it’s highly advisable to go to these clinics rather than trying your luck on other places.

Watch Your Diet

To encourage hair growth, hair specialist recommend that you eat foods that are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acid. These minerals promote the building blocks of tissue in your body as well as stimulate proper blood circulation which is essential in keeping your hair and scalp healthy. In addition, don’t forget to take supplementary vitamins which contains vitamin A, B12, calcium, iron, protein, and zinc to further care for your hair.

Massage Hair & Scalp

Another great way to encourage hair growth is to massage hair using essential oils. Massaging the scalp stimulates the follicles to promote healthy and shiny hair growth. Most hair restoration clinics in Philippines utilize this technique as a way to relax the nerves and take the stress off the scalp. Hair experts often recommend the use of virgin coconut oil, lavender oil, and etc. to be applied on hair due to its nourishing benefits.

Quit the Bad Habit

If you develop the habit of smoking non-stop, this is the best time you quit – that’s if you want to continue keeping your hair intact. In case you didn’t know, nicotine has been linked to hair loss, so is drinking alcohol. Having too much alcohol in the system may lead to dehydration which may affect blood circulation that can lead to hair fall and breakage.

These are just some of the steps you can do to prevent hair loss. In case you’re already suffering from excessive hair fall, it’s best to visit NuHart Clinic to find out your possible hair restoration options.