Using and Re-Using Corporate Videos for Social Media and Internal Communications

Woman watching corporate video on a tablet

Corporate and event videos are now being used for more than just company presentations. Behind the scenes shots, event setups, pre-event briefings, and post-event sound bites are filmed and packaged into a neat little video. In the past, these files were kept in-house for internal consumption but times have changed.

In Liverpool and nearby cities, video production services are in high demand by corporate clients and events groups. Besides advertising products and services, videos have become one of the best ways to introduce a company or brand.

Video is Everywhere

Videos have become in demand and serve as crucial corporate communication tools. The use of social media for information sharing has also contributed to more video content being produced and shared regularly. Live-streaming videos are one of the ways companies use social media to keep the public updated. To catch attention, the video has to be compelling, informative and entertaining.

Post-event videos are used not only at the end of company events; these are also posted on social media to create a discussion. Event recaps have become wrap-ups where participants provide sound bites for social media posting. These posts could be greatly improved with proper editing from experts or a production house.

Repurposing Corporate Videos

Splitting videos for scheduled posts are not uncommon. In social media, it is called repurposing. It is very effective in creating posts for various social media accounts. An interview can start as a video and post in various social media. The interview itself can be split into different sound bites of less than 30 seconds and then posted according to a schedule.

Afterwards, the original video can be converted to audio before posting and distribution as a podcast. The transcript is rewritten as a blog. These can be further trimmed to snippets for posting on Twitter or as links or graphics on other social media.

Videos are powerful tools which generate a lot of clicks on social media. It also keeps clients and audiences engaged and interested in your product, service, or brand itself. This is why companies are producing more videos which people can relate to and posting them online.