What Areas of a Marriage Does Annulment Affect?

There are two options when legally terminating a marriage — annulment and divorce. The primary distinction between them is that unlike divorce, annulment invalidates the existence of your marriage in the first place. Annulment is granted for voidable marriages. The grounds for a voidable marriage [Read More]

What Commercial Truckers Need to Know About the FMCSR

Unfortunately, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not cover commercial trucking drivers. Because of this, the law doesn’t require trucking companies to pay truck drivers overtime, but then usually demand drivers to work for hours on end, explains a top truck labor lawyer in [Read More]

Typical Closing Costs Involved in a Timeshare Purchase

Most people nowadays concentrate their investments on businesses. However, you can choose to go against the grain and invest in your relaxation through the purchase of a timeshare. This guarantees you a getaway location for a specified period annually. You will come across various timeshare [Read More]