3 Best Practices in Search and Rescue Operations

Natural and man-made accidents often leave a lot of victims scattered and in urgent need of transport and medical attention. In cases like these, the first important step to undertake is to locate them. This is where a good search and rescue (SAR) service plays a [Read More]

A Hot Taste for Slow Fashion

Everyone can agree that fast fashion has put the world on a fast track to environmental degradation. On top of that, it has also had adverse effects on commerce and the lives of millions of factory workers, most of them women and farmers in the third world. In [Read More]

Pinpointing the Pretzel’s Twisty Popularity

Few food items evoke an immediate sensory reaction amongst people quite like the pretzel. The mere mention of it quickly feeds the imagination of its signature twisted shape, glazed outer layer, and the crunchy-salty flavor dancing on the taste buds. There might be other food [Read More]

What is RPA and How Does it Affect You?

Back in the days of the industrial revolution, canning factories invested in robotic canning machines that do twice the work with a fraction of the cost. Just as these robots have changed the landscape of industries in the past, a similar revolution is taking place [Read More]