Is Eating Sugar Life Threatening?

A couple of decades ago, many experts named fat as the culprit for heart disease. Fast forward to today, science has revealed that too much sugar in a person’s diet is much worse. It may be difficult to completely remove or even just reduce the [Read More]

Fabric Structures: The Next Trend in Portable Shelters

Thanks to significant advancement in engineering design, fabric covered portable structures have evolved significantly. They now have the capacity to meet building codes and can also be erected anywhere, including remote areas. For these fabric structures to have the ability to survive harsh environmental conditions, [Read More]

What is RPA and How Does it Affect You?

Back in the days of the industrial revolution, canning factories invested in robotic canning machines that do twice the work with a fraction of the cost. Just as these robots have changed the landscape of industries in the past, a similar revolution is taking place [Read More]